sherman.jpgWe purchased our English mastiff from Jamie at Snapdragon Stables after doing much research and wanting a mastiff for many years. Turned out to be the best experience ever! We were able to visit our puppy from 2 weeks of age and much to our delight, the puppies are raised inside her home with children present! This dog is the love of our life and we are excited to get another puppy from Jamie. 

Here is our boy Sherman at 5 months old, he literally stops traffic when we are out and about. We constantly get questions and comments about how gorgeous he is!

Thank you Jamie for not only being a responsible breeder, but for loving all of your puppies the same way we do!

Sherman's Parents, Andrea & Don Olson

Northern Virginia

minnie.JPGFrom the moment I asked Jamie about what it is like to have an English mastiff as part of the family, I wondered why on earth I never had one before! I had already known Jamie from a horse purchase and had all the confidence in the world that the information I was getting was genuine.  Without much consideration, we sent in our deposit and we loved our Minnie practically before we picked her out:)

We could not be happier with the goofy, loyal, kind, gentle, adventurous big giant dog that she has become.  

One of my favorite stories is when my husband's boss came over and wouldn't get out of his truck because Minnie was just about eye level with him outside the vehicle patiently waiting to say hello. My daughter, then 3, walked up, slung her arm over Minnie's shoulders and said, "Don't worry Mister, my dog won't hurt you."

Minnie was easy to train in every way, provided I remembered she was a slow and steady learner-quite different from the Lab mentality I was used to!! She learned easily not to jump and to watch out for Maggie. House training and crate training were a breeze. I, of course, stalk her family tree of doggies on social media that came from Snapdragon adn I have yet to see one that doesn't look like her in a way, or appear to be the sweet, loyal and kind animal that she is. 

Thank you Jamie, your family, and Snapdragon for raising such great pups!!

Minnie's Mom, KC


Sampsonstraight.jpgSampson is now almost 9 months old and wow!, we could not have chosen a better dog, a better breed or a better breeder (whom was recommended to us by our veterinarian)!  Our experience was such a wonderful one!...So informative and patient with us being a new 'mommy and daddy' to our bundle of fur...it felt like we were adopting a child and indeed he is a member of the family with a large personality, full of love and affection...At 130 lbs, he thinks he's a 10 lb lap dog. I can't say enough about Sampson and this breed or our wonderful breeder!! Such an awesome experience!!  Thank you Jamie!!

Sampson's mommy, Elaine


magnusstraight.jpgHere is our big sweet boy Magnus. He loves hugs and wallowing all over me, lol. You know the old saying be careful what you wish for...well I got exactly what I wanted. He is such a wonderful boy!!! Many good wishes to you and your family for the New Year! Thank you again Jamie!

Magnus's mom, Aaryn

West Virginia





gidget.jpgHi Jamie, gidget2.jpg

We purchased a puppy from you from the August 2012 litter! I just wanted to send a pictures and let you know how happy we still are that we went with Snapdragon Stables! I fully intend on getting another in the upcoming years, we definitely found our breed. She's a sweet heart. Thank you so much, we couldn't imagine being without her.

Gidget's mom, Auburn

Delaware (2016)